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Best Deposit Bonuses & Betting Offers 2020

When creating an account on a betting site, it is common that bookmakers will offer some form of bonus or promotion in order to entice punters.

However, it can often be difficult to separate the best from the rest with there being so many to choose from, so our experts have put together a useful guide for betting customers to take advantage of.
Online bonuses and promotions are available to both new and existing customers with many bookmakers, with our site comparing some of the standout offers in this area. Let’s kick things off by taking a look at what the difference is between the two types of promotion.

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With so many betting sites for gamblers in India to select from today, bookmakers are always looking for ways in which to get an advantage over on their competitors. Betting bonuses are just one of the ways in which bookies do so, with such promotions enticing potential customers into registering on their platform. This guide will explain everything in which there is to know about betting bonuses, including how they work and their pros and cons.

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What Are The Best Welcome Offers for Indian Players?

100% up to ₹10,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Min. deposit ₹8
  • Rollover: 5 x Bonus
  • Min. odds 1.40
Welcome bonus for 1st deposit ₹8.000
  • 100% up to ₹8.000
  • Rollover x5 (Min. Odds 1.4)
  • Accumulator Bets (3 events)
100% up to ₹2,500 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to ₹2,500
  • Min. deposit ₹600
  • Rollover: 5 x (min. odds 1.75)
100% up to ₹2,000 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to ₹2,000
  • Bet ₹2,000 (Min. Odds 2.0)
  • Get Free ₹2,000
100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹20,000
  • 100% up to ₹20,000
  • Bonus: 30 x
  • 90 days
160% Bonus up to ₹10,000
  • 160% Bonus up to ₹10,000
  • Rollover x15
  • Min. odds 1.50
100% up to ₹10,000 Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to ₹10,000
  • Min. Odds: 2.0
  • Min. deposit ₹1,000
100% Welcome Bonus
  • 100% up to ₹20,000
  • Deposit: 5 x, min. odds 1.30
  • 7 days
Up to 15% welcome bonus up to $60
  • 15% 1st deposit up to $60
  • Rllover: x12 (Odds +1.20)
  • min: $10 deposit
Free bet on the 1st deposit
  • Free bet on the 1st deposit
  • Min. Odds: 2.0
  • Valid for 7 days
100% matched deposit bonus
  • 100% matched deposit
  • Second deposit bonus
  • 14 days to claim offer
100% on 1st deposit up to £50
  • 100% up to £50
  • Rollover x5 (Min. Odds 1.5)
  • Min. Deposit £/€ 10
Welcome bonus for1st deposit ₹2.500
  • 100% up to ₹2,500
  • Rollover x3
  • Min. Deposit ₹600

Introduction to Betting Bonuses

While betting bonuses certainly don’t guarantee for successful bets, they are certainly appealing for punters wagering online today, with such promotions catering for both new and existing customers. Betting sites now offer a variety of bonuses in order to attract punters, ranging from matched deposit offers for new customers to free bets for those who have already signed-up. While betting bonuses should not be the sole reason for registering with a particular bookmaker, those who are able to utilise them properly are potentially in line to earn some significant winnings. So, let’s kick things off by taking a look at the different types of bonus available to punters operating online today.

What is a Betting Bonus?

Betting bonuses come in a variety of formats, catering for punters with different strategies and budgets in the process. With that being said, the following are among the most popular form of bonuses available to punters in India today.

  • Matched Bets – Many bookmakers will offer matched betting bonuses to new customers, which effectively means that punters will receive a free bet of the same amount in which they have deposited and wagered. Such promotions will generally offer punters a free bet between 50-200% of their stake, with stipulated wagering requirements also having to bet met before any withdrawals using bonus funds can be made.
  • Deposit Bonuses – Similar to the bonus previously discussed, deposit bonuses are distributed when new customers deposit a certain amount of money after registering with an online bookmaker. For example, punters making an opening deposit worth ₹1,000 would have an opening balance of ₹2,000, in the event of their bookie offering a 100% matched deposit bonus. Such bonuses do not require a qualifying bet to be placed, however other conditions must be met before bonus funds can be withdrawn.
  • Risk Free Bets – Despite not being as common as they once were, risk free bets are a type of bonus offered by a small number of bookmakers. In most cases, punters will receive their stake back up to a particular amount, should their opening bet on their new betting site prove unsuccessful. In effect, bettors have a free shot at placing a winning bet when this bonus is available.
  • Bet Bundles – Despite not being too common with sportsbooks, bet bundles are sometimes offered to customers who have met certain wagering requirements, whether it be a certain number of bets or a stipulated figure having been staked.
  • Stake Returned Bonuses – Stake returned betting offers mean that your bookmaker will reimburse your bet stake, as well as pay put any winnings, representing excellent value. As a result, this form of promotion has become increasingly rare in the industry, however they are well worth taking advantage of where possible.

Bet €10 Get €30 in Free Bets

Can Betting Bonuses Be Withdrawn Immediately?

As a result of some of the wagering requirements briefly mentioned above, it is unlikely that bonus funds will be available to withdraw immediately. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the terms and conditions that commonly surround betting bonuses, along with how to overcome them.

Betting Bonuses Wagering Requirements

It is rare that bookmakers will offer a bonus for nothing in return, meaning that certain wagering requirements must usually be met in order to withdraw such funds. Whether it be the number of times in which the total bonus funds are wagered, minimum odds which must be met or a minimum deposit amount, be sure to look into such requirements before registering with a bookmaker, as such factors will ultimately effect your ability to secure winnings.

Betting Bonuses Odds Requirements

Whether it be a qualifying bet or bets placed using bonus funds, the majority of betting sites will introduce some form of minimum odds requirement surrounding wagers on their platform. As a result, any bet placed at below the stipulated price will not qualify or count towards the overall requirements, which must be met before withdrawals can be processed. Bookmakers set such terms in order to ensure that punters are not able to simply back a market that is as close to a “sure thing” as possible.

Sign-Up Offer Vs Existing Customer Bonus

The majority of bookmakers will offer what is commonly known as a reload bonus to existing customers making a deposit, however the most generous bonuses are generally available to new bettors registering with on a betting site. Customers are attracted by the potential bonus on offer, along with a small number of wagering requirements in some cases, however those consistently placing bets are also in line to receive some rewards too. Such rewards come in the form of free bets or deposit bonuses, which can help to provide a platform to build upon when backing your favourite sports teams and players.

What is a Deposit Bonus?

Meanwhile, deposit bonuses are also used by bookmakers in an attempt to attract customers to their site, which are delivered when a qualifying deposit is made. This is now a hugely popular form of promotion, with many bookmakers now 100% matching an opening deposit, up to a certain amount. Bonus funds are then available to use immediately, however the total amount must be wagered a certain number of times before withdrawals using the bonus are available. Meanwhile, bonus funds must normally be used on markets that meet a stipulated minimum odds requirement, which will differ between betting sites.


SPINsports best sport offer for INDIA

Spin Sports currently offers one of the best welcome bonus offers for new customers in India with up to ₹20,000.

There are also a number of factors to consider when working with a deposit bonus, which also include the bonus amount, wagering requirements, minimum odds and timeframe, while there may also be some form of promo code required in order to utilise this form of promotion.

The Differences Between a Matched Bonus & Matched Betting

Matched bonuses are basically another form of deposit bonus, with the term deriving from the fact that best bookmakers will normally 100% match any opening deposit for example for betting cricket. Meanwhile, matched bonuses are also generally offered to punters upon them making an opening deposit, however they will also receive bonuses on later deposits too. Elsewhere, matched betting is something very different. Customers will often use matched betting as a betting strategy when looking to make a profit from bookmakers, with two bets on different sites being placed. When the right odds are available, this technique is hugely profitable, with two bets being placed against each other effectively. While not being used by some customers due to its time-consuming nature, along with the fact that winnings can be small, matched betting is a strategy well worth considering. Matched betting can be carried out with the use of a bonus or free bet (bet with no money), with the value of the bonus being retained whatever the outcome.

What Kind of Bonus Suits Your Needs?

With a large number of different betting bonuses and offers being available to customers in India today, it is important to take advantage of a promotion that best suits your strategy and objectives. All terms surrounding such offers are generally readily available, so be sure to check out what requirements there are before withdrawals can be made. Meanwhile, it is hugely important to check that bonuses and offers are available to customers based in India, with some bookmakers introducing restrictions in this area too. Free bets are likely to suit punters who do not wish to spend their whole time betting and meeting wagering requirements, while matched bonuses potentially offer greater winnings.

Best Betting Offers

Our experts are always on the lookout for new betting offers available to Indian customers, helping punters to quickly take advantage of a potentially lucrative promotion. With a large number of betting sites now accepting punters based in India, the amount of offers available has also grown significantly. Different betting offers will suit customers in different ways, with your betting strategy and budget likely to determine which promotion best meets your needs.


SPINsports best sport offer for INDIA

Spin Sports currently offers one of the best welcome bonus offers for new customers in India with up to ₹20,000.

However, a betting offer or bonus is certainly not the most important factor to consider when looking for a new bookmaker, with odds, markets and additional features being of greater significance in most cases. Be sure to check out our bookmaker reviews for a better understand of which sites perform well across the board, including offering a range of offers to both new and existing customers. Bonuses are generally short-term solutions and not the best betting strategy to use, while some bookmakers introduce strict wagering requirements, making eventual withdrawals very difficult.

What is a Free Bet?

Perhaps the most common form of welcome offer is the free bet, which normally requires an opening deposit or even a bet of a certain amount in order for customers to qualify. A free bet when it comes to a welcome offer may come in the form of “Bet x to claim x in free bets”, providing an excellent platform for bettors to build upon. Meanwhile, depending on the bookmaker, customers may have to turnover the bonus amount a certain number of times before withdrawals can be made, however some sites will not be so strict in this area.

When looking to take advantage of a free bet offer, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Sometimes such offers can appear more generous than they actually are, which will only come as a frustration later on. As a result, punters should take into account the following points before registering:

Free Bet Amount – Ultimately, the bigger the bonus amount, the better. The size of the bonus will have an impact upon your chances of winning big.

Wagering Requirements – Whether it be the rollover requirements or minimum odds that must be hit, some free bet offers come with a variety of wagering requirements which will effect your ability to make withdrawals.

Timeframe – Free bet bonuses normally have to be used within a certain timeframe, which can put punters under pressure to place more bets than they normally would within this period. This timeframe generally ranges between 7 and 30 days, before funds will be lost.

Betting Bonus Examples

When it comes to betting bonuses available to punters in India today, the following are examples of the type of promotion that may well be available to both new and existing customers.

  • Matched Deposit Bonus: In the event of your bookmaker offering a 100% matched deposit bonus, punters would see their opening account balance rise to ₹2,000 after depositing an amount of ₹1,000 after registering a new account. However, this type of bonus normally comes with fairly strict wagering requirements, including the total bonus amount having to be wagered a certain number of times, while minimum odds may also be set in some cases.
  • Stake Bonus:Bettors staking over a certain amount will receive a proportion of this amount back in the form of bonus funds. For example, those staking ₹500 on their opening punt would receive a free bet of ₹1,000.

LeoVegas New Customer Offer


How to Find the Best Betting Bonus

When it comes to finding the best betting bonuses available online today, it can be difficult for punters to decide which promotions best suit their needs and wants. As a result, Sportsbetting24 delivers all of the latest offers in one convenient place, with our site constantly adding the latest bonuses available to both new and existing customers. This will not only save you time in the long run, but will also provide information surrounding the generosity of such offers, as well as how to best take advantage of them. So, be sure to keep an eye on our website for the latest details surrounding bookmaker offers.

Terms and Conditions Surrounding Betting Bonuses

There are likely to be a number of terms and conditions found surrounding betting bonuses from online betting sites, varying in difficulty. So, the following are among the most important areas to look out for when utilising a bonus.

  • Minimum Deposit Requirements

In order to meet the demands of online bookmakers, punters are likely to have to make sure that their first deposit over a certain amount in order to qualify for any potential bonus. While this can often be as little as £10, be sure to check out the first deposit requirements beforehand, as new customers will only get one shot in doing so. As you might guess, many companies make their best promotional offer to new players that meet or exceed their real money min deposit threshhold and then use the money for online betting.

  • Minimum Odds

There is also likely to be minimum odds surrounding a betting bonus, which either must be met when it comes to qualifying bets or when looking to meet any wagering requirements that may have been set. While such prices are not usually too strict, they will ensure that punters cannot back the favourite each time.

  • Excluded Markets

On a similar note, there may be certain markets which are unable to bet upon when it comes to qualifying stakes or rollover bets, whether it be a particular soccer league or tennis tournament. As a result, it is important to understand that bonuses can be used in an area in which you have good knowledge of.

Betting Bonus FAQ’s

In this section, our experts have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding betting bonuses, including how they can be won and how to best utilise them.

What is a Betting Bonus?

A betting bonus is used by bookmakers in order to both attract new customers and entice existing customers into continued betting, with punters gaining additional funds as a result of meeting certain requirements. Bonuses come in a range of formats.

Where Can I Get a Betting Bonus?

Betting bonuses are available on a variety of bookmaker websites today, with each competing for new customers. Sportsbetting24 brings up to date information surrounding the latest bonuses available to punters.

Which Betting Bonus Is the Best?

With bonuses meeting the demands of a range of bettors, it is tricky to say exactly which is the best. However, the best betting bonuses will be the ones which offer users a good chance of ultimately withdrawing winnings off the back of it, rather than simply the highest bonus amount.

How Often Will I Be Offered a Bonus?

Bonuses are normally offered to new customers upon registering with a bookmaker, however they will also be offered to existing users as a form of reward for their loyalty.

Which are the best betting bonuses?

This depends completely on your type of betting strategy, with different types of bonuses suiting different styles of wagering.

Are all betting offers available in India?

Unfortunately not. It is important to check the terms and conditions surrounding bonuses to confirm that you are able to take advantage of it before staking any funds.

What are the most important terms and conditions?

There are many different conditions surrounding betting bonuses, however the most important to consider generally come in the form of wagering requirements, validity period and markets covered.

Which sports is the bonus valid on?

The majority of betting bonuses are able to use on a wide range of sports markets, however it is important to find out if there are any areas in which funds are unable to be used, such as major events like the football World Cup or T20 Cricket World Cup.

Can I combine bonuses with other bookmaker bonuses?

Generally, only one promotion or bonus can be used at any one time with an individual bookmaker. However, be sure to check on this first as there are potentially loopholes that can be met.

Pros and Cons of Betting Offers

 With no betting bonus being 100% perfect, different offers are likely to have their own individual advantages and disadvantages. Below, you will find some of the standout pros and cons surrounding betting bonuses.

 Of course, there are a range of pros and cons when it comes to claiming and using a betting bonus, with our experts having put together some of the most important factors below:

Betting Bonuses Pros:

  • Allows for Experimenting – As we have already discussed, the use of bonus funds is an ideal time to experiment on a betting site, whether it be in order to test its range of markets, place in-play bets or their live streaming capabilities. With little risk involved, this is especially rewarding for beginners to the world of sports betting. 
  • Large opening account balance – Depending on the type of bonus on offer from your bookmaker, there is likely to be the potential to significantly increase your opening account balance, which provides an excellent platform to build upon. As well as this, there is still room for unsuccessful bets during this period, whilst still being in a position to make significant profits.

Betting Bonuses Cons:

  • Strict Wagering Requirements – Some betting bonuses on offer from online bookmakers come with very strict terms and conditions, which make adding to your bank balance all the more difficult. As a result, it is important to only take advantage of bonuses which offer a fair chance of success. 

How to Find the Best Betting Bonuses

Those who have already had a look around at Sportsbetting24 will be aware of the huge amount of information available on our platform, which includes news surrounding all of the latest betting bonuses. So, no matter what your sporting preferences are, be sure to regularly return to our site in order to keep up to date with all of the latest deals from some of the leading betting sites. Such offers are designed to attract interest from punters, however you will also be in a position to add to your bank balance as a result of utilising them.


You should not have a much clearer understanding of just what types of bonuses are available and how punters can take advantage of them. Whilst a betting bonus should not form the basis for your betting strategy, or indeed which bookmaker you ultimately end up registering with, such promotions can certainly be useful in gaining a helping hand along the way in your wagering journey. However, be sure to do your research beforehand when it comes to the terms and conditions surrounding bonuses, which will ultimately have a significant impact upon your ability to make withdrawals.

Final Words on Betting Bonuses

It is clear from our betting bonuses guide that punters based in India now have a variety of options in this area, with an increasing number of bookmakers trying to entice customers into depositing and staking by offering potentially lucrative promotions.

No matter if it is a matched deposit bonus or free bet offer, punters must ensure that the promotion suits their betting strategy beforehand, as well as taking into consideration the relevant terms and conditions. Be sure to keep a regular eye out on our site for the latest betting bonuses, which might just help you win big in the near future.

Welcome bonus for 1st deposit ₹8.000
100% up to ₹2,500 Welcome Bonus
100% up to ₹10,000 Welcome Bonus
100% up to ₹10,000 Welcome Bonus

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Best Welcome BonusExclusive Welcome Bonus at 22Bet
22bet logo
Our Rating: 99/100
  • Outstanding Cricket betting offers for India
    Accepts Indian Rupee as a currency and website is available in Hindi
  • Great number of sports markets
    Providing very competitive odds on most of them
  • ₹10,000 exclusive welcome bonus
    Double 100% on the 1st deposit to double your winnings!