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Arjun JindalWhether you are a beginner or something of an expert, betting on your favourite sports teams and players using real money is never an easy prospect.

However, our experts at Sportsbetting24 are here to lend a helping hand, whether it be regarding the best bookmakers, odds or promotions available to punters in India today. Why waste time searching the net for the best betting platforms when we have everything on one convenient site?

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Advantages of Sportsbetting24

All of the information found at Sportsbetting24 is created by nothing other than industry professionals, meaning that our platform is 100% reliable and trustworthy. As well as this, we only recommend only the very best betting sites around, with such bookmakers having build excellent reputations over man years in operation in most cases. Betting customers looking to enhance their knowledge surrounding the industry can find everything that there is to know at Sportsbettng24, including up-to-date betting tips, news and promotions. With betting on sports likely to be something relatively new to some based in India, we have answers to all of the most important questions.

Why Sportsbetting24?

Sportsbetting24 is the perfect platform for those keen on online gambling in India, something in which is becoming more and more popular in this sports mad country. Our experts provide important information regarding some of the best sports betting sites in India, ideal for all forms of punters. We test online bookmakers using strict criteria, which includes odds, markets, security, customer support and usability, meaning that our readers can rest assured that they are finding the perfect platform to suit their needs.

Sports Betting in India

There are now a number of legal online betting sites available to those based in India, despite this area still being somewhat difficult to understand. Indian citizens certainly love placing sports bets however, with a large proportion of such bets being wagered on overseas platforms. In the majority of the country, laws surrounding wagering on sports were established in the 19th century, with between 3-4 million INR now being spent each year by betting customers. While this perhaps comes as little surprise given that an estimated 400 million people in India now watch sporting action, this shows just how big the market is for established bookmakers.

Cricket is the national sport in India, with the sport being played and watched by a huge number of individuals today. However, Indian’s are also big fans of football, basketball, badminton and a wide range of other disciplines, with many being available to bet on at some major online sportsbooks.

Is Betting Legal in India?

There has been significant talk over the last 12 months regarding betting in India, however at present, the rules found in the Public Gambling Act 1867 still apply. This means that while sports betting is not permitted, individual states are able to create their own laws when it comes to gambling. However, those based in India are able to take advantage of foreign-based online bookmakers, with many now accepting wagers in Rupees. There are additional laws when it comes to income tax in India, with any winnings being subject to a 30% rate.

How to Choose the Right Betting Sites in India?

With a number of online betting sites now being available to punters in India, it can often be difficult to decide as to which platform is the best. However, this is likely to depend on the individual needs and wants of the customer, with some features likely to be more appeal to some than to others. As a result, our team at Sportsbetting24 has put together a list of some of the most important factors to consider before registering with a new bookmaker. These factors include the following:


The number of markets offered by a bookmaker is likely to have an impact upon how suitable they are in terms of meeting your needs. Generally, the more experienced bookmakers will cater for more customers, however this is not always the case. As a result, it is important to ensure that the sport in which you wish to bet upon is available beforehand. Popular sports markets in India include cricket, football and tennis, while more diverse disciplines are also beginning to make their mark.


Many of the most successful bookmakers will also provide good variety when it comes to promotions, which can help customers to both maximise winnings and minimise losses. Available to both new and existing customers, such offers come in a range of forms, including free bets, price boosts and money-back specials, among others. While such promotions should not form the sole basis of your final decision, they are certain to have an impact upon the betting strategies of most punters.


The prices offered by a particular bookmaker are likely to be the thing that has the biggest impact upon your long-term success when betting online, meaning that is hugely important to find a platform that offers consistently high prices on your preferred markets. While this is not the easiest of tasks to carry out yourself, our bookmaker reviews look in depth at this area, meaning that the hard work is done for you.


There is nothing worse than entering the website of a bookmaker and having to spend hours in familiarising yourself with the layout due to its poor design. The best betting platforms allow for easy access to all markets and additional features, as well as key areas such as customer support and banking. As a result, find a bookmaker that offers a simplisitic and easy-to-use sportsbook, with many unsuccessful platforms trying to overload punters with uneccessary information.


It has never been more important to ensure that you are in a position to place bets when away from your desktop. As a result, many bookmakers have now developed dedicated apps in this area, while others provide mobile-friendly websites. Such platforms mean that all bookmaker features can still be utilised on the go, while customers are never foreced to miss out on placing a potentially lucrative bet.


All of the bookmakers mentioned at Sportsbetting24 are 100% trustworthy and reliable, with security being of huge importance to those wagering online today. All websites use state of the art SSL encryptions to ensure that personal information is kept away from the threat of third parties, while bank details are never shared with outside sources either. As a result, punters can rest assured that all transactions made online are processed safely, allowing them to concentrate solely on placing winning bets.


Many bookmakers now offer a range of banking options to those based in India, whether it be through a major credit or debit card, or an increasingly popular e-wallet platform such as PayPal or Neteller. Depositing and withdrawing funds with your bookmaker should be a stress-free process, with waiting times in this area having become quicker and quicker over the years. Many platforms now offer instant deposits, while withdrawal times will depend on the method of banking selected by the user. The best sports betting sites in India will also not charge any additional fees for making withdrawals, meaning that you take home 100% of your winnings.

How Do We Test at Sportsbetting24?

At Sportsbetting24, we put the top bookmakers through a strict test before reccommending them to you. As a result, our bookmaker reviews combine a range of important factors surrounding online betting in India, with our experts understanding exactly what punters are looking for from a modern day betting platform. The following areas are put to the test during our bookmaker reviews:

  • The range and depth of sports markets on offer, with fans in India requiring a variety of betting options. The majority of betting sites will accept bets on top-flight football leagues around Europe and important Test matches from the world of cricket, however the standout platforms will also deliver events on a more amateur and regional level.
  • Bookmakers today must deliver a secure platform for wagering upon, along with a wide range of banking options. Our reviews put both areas to the test, including deposit and withdrawal times, along with the ease of login.
  • While betting online is designed to win you cash, it must also be enjoyable. Certain betting platforms are more exciting than others, whether it be through the features in whihc they offer or simply the ease of use on their website.

Most Popular Betting Markets in India

Sport is one of the most popular pastimes in India, with a variety of disciplines now being available to betting customers. The following are currently among the most popular sports betting markets for those based in India:

Betting on Cricket – As the national sport in India, it comes as little surprise that cricket is also the most popular sport when it comes to betting. Test matches, the IPL, one-day internationals and T20 matches are all available with the majority of online bookmakers, with punters able to bet upon the winner of matches and series‘, along with individual player markets such as top run scorer and leading wicket taker. A huge amount of money is bet on cricket throughout the year, with some bookmakers offering the opportunity to follow the action as it unfolds through live streaming featuers.

Betting on Horse Racing – With horse racing now being completely legal in India, with a large number of venues being based across the country, betting on this sport is also becoming increasingly popular. As well as this, many bookmakers offer markets surrounding a large number of meetings from around the world, including the UK and US. Both ante-post and pre-race markets are on offer, with customers able to place both winner and each-way bets on their favourite runners and riders.

Betting on Football – Many sports lovers in India are huge fans of major football leagues from around the world, including the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga. As well as this, the Indian Super League is gaining in popularity too, with legendary figures including Alessandro Del Piero, Roberto Carlos and Robert Pires having all plied their trade in India over the years.

Betting on Other Sports – There are a range of other sports that are making moves in terms of betting on India, including rugby, tennis and basketball. All come with a variety of bet types, catering with customers with ranging betting strategies.

Sports Betting Promotions & Bonuses

Any online bookmaker worth its weight in gold will now offer some form of promotion or offer in order to both attract new customers and keep existing punters satisfied. Such promotions – from companies like BetWay, LeoVegas, 888sport, RaceBets and others – can range in style, from matched deposit offers to free bets. Our experts will bring readers some of the most generous and lucrative offers for customers based in India on a regular basis, perfect for those looking to come out on top on a consistent basis. Let’s now take a closer look at the type of promotions that are available with major bookmakers.

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Matched Bets

Often used by bookmakers in order to attract new customers, this form of offer will be matched with a certain percentage when either depositing funds or placing an opening bet. This form of promotion can provide an excellent platform to build upon, with anything between 50% to 200% normally offered by bookmakers.

Deposit Bonuses

Despite being more commonly found with online casino’s, deposit bonuses are becoming more common with bookmakers too, whether it be a double the money on your first deposit or a certain percentage. Bonus funds can then be used on a range of sports markets, with customers having to generally meet certain wagering requirements before withdrawals can be made.

Risk Free Bets

Risk free bets are one of the most popular forms of promotion for any customer, with this offer meaning that there is no risk of losing your own money when wagering using it. There are generally relatively few terms and conditions surrounding such offers, making them even more popular.

Free Bets

There is nothing better than receiving a free bet from your bookmaker, which are normally offered as a reward for consistent wagering over a certain time frame. Punters can also earn free bets by meeting certain wagering criteria, such as placing a specified amount of in-play bets.

Promotions Terms & Conditions

While promotions and bonuses will appear to be nothing but good news from the outside, it is hugely important to check out the terms and conditions involved before signing up or staking funds. Such conditions are likely to effect your chances of ultimately making withdrawals off the back of promotions, with the following factors being among the most important to consider:

Minimum Deposit

A minimum deposit will normally have to me met in order to receive bonus funds with your bookmaker, with this amount ranging from sportsbook to sportsbook. As a result, it is important to check out whether your opening stake will mean that you meet the deposit requirements set by the bookmaker.

Minimum Odds

Most bookmakers will set odds that must be met when placing qualifying bets, meaning that markets featuring short odds are unable to work in this case. Failing to meet the minimum odds can often mean that you miss out all together, due to a certain time frame or number of bets having to be met.

Wagering Requirements

While free bets received will not make any dents in your bank balance, wagering requirements set by bookmakers are likely to effect the likelyhood of punters ultimately processing withdrawals using bonus funds.

Sports Betting Tips

Whether you are a new betting customer or an experienced punter, it is never too late to take on board some useful tips from the experts. As a result, our betting professionals have put together the following tips, perfect for those looking to beat the bookmakers on a consistent basis.

Firstly, it is hugely important to select a bookmaker that is licensed by a major Gambling commission.

Doing so will ensure that all of your online betting activity is processed securely, with no threats from any third parties. Any licensed website will have a variety of security measures in place.

While it is important to register with a bookmaker that meets your needs and wants, this does not mean that you are limited to just one platform.

In fact, registering with more than one bookmaker can enable punters to have more options when it comes to markets, odds and promotions, which will enhance your chances of making significant earnings.

Take advantage of promotions and offers whenever possible!

While this should not make form your entire decision when selecting a bookmaker, once registered, it is important to utilise the offers that have been put in place. Bookmaker offers will regularly improve your bank balance, sometimes without even having to stake any funds yourself.

Be sure to keep track of all the bets in which you are placing, as it is easy to quickly forget exactly how much you are spending online.

Many bookmakers will make this easy for you by offering easy access to bet history, meaning that there is no excuse. This exercise will also help you to see where you can make improvements when wagering, whether it be avoiding certain markets or placing a certain type of bet.

Always gamble responsibly!

Be sure never to bet using money that you effectively do not have or need for other areas of your life. There are times when you are likely to suffer a string of losses when betting, however be sure not to place more bets in an attempt to make up for your losses.

No matter what your sporting preferences are, be sure to stick to what you know.

When wagering on areas of interest, punters are likely to have a better idea of the players involved and the likelyhood of who will come out on top. However, when wagering upon an unknown event, there are a wide range of variables that can potentially lead to you losing money.

Where possible, it is certainly reccommended to follow the action as it unfolds.

Watching sports action provides the viewer with a much better understanding of what the eventual result may be, with many bookmakers now offering live streaming to their customers.

Create your own betting strategy based on your ultimate goals for betting online, as well as your disposable income.

Strategies should consider the type of markets in which you will target, along with the bookmakers that you will use.

Be sure to carry out research surrounding all selections found on your bet slip before staking funds, with even a single player missing from a football team or the type of wicket in a cricket match potentially effecting the ultimate result.

With so many outlets now available to find such information, there is no excuse not to know your stuff beforehand.

Avoid the temptation to place bets on huge odds which are unlikely to come off.

While putting small stakes on such bets is often not seen as a big deal, it is surprising how much money you will waste over time by doing this. As a result, it is wiser to stick to a small number of selections.


The following section will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding sports betting in India.

Where can I bet using Indian Rupees (INR)?

A number of online bookmakers now accept INR as a currency.

What are the best methods of depositing and withdrawing cash?

Major credit and debit cards generally allow for free and quick banking transactions to be made, while e-wallets are becoming more and more popular.

Do betting sites have age restrictions?

All reputable betting sites will impose some form of age restriction. They are typically a minimum age of either 18 or 21.

What is the maximum possible bet amount?

The maximum possible amount to bet will depend on both the bookmaker and market, with this amount varying between the two.

How do I verify my account?

Customers are generally required to verify their account via email upon registering with a new bookmaker. This must be done before any bets can be placed.

Is it safe to bet online?

Betting online with one of our suggested bookmakers is 100% safe, with a number of security measures having been put into place to ensure that this remains the case.

What are multiple bets?

Multiple bets are when more than one selection is added to the bet slip, with the odds being enhanced in this case.

What is live betting?

Live betting involves wagering on a sporting event that is already underway, with bookies offering odds reflecting the current scoreline.

Can I change the way in which I view odds?

The majority of bookmakers allow punters to decide as to how they view odds, whether it be decimal, fractional or American.

What is ante-post betting?

Ante-post betting involved betting on a particular sports market well ahead of the time of the actual event, with this form of wagering normally focused upon horse racing.


You will now be more than aware of just how Sportsbetting24 can help you in your online wagering journey, with our experts covering all of the most important areas of discussion. Be sure to check out our betting tips and guides, which are certain to enhance your chances of regularly beating the bookies when betting on your favourite teams and players.

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