Live Soccer Betting In India 2020

BANNER MANCHESTER ENGLAND APRIL 10 Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah during a match between Manchester City and Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium on April 10 2018

Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah during a match between Manchester City and Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium on April 10, 2018

There is a saying that soccer makes the world go around. And not just in Canada or USA, soccer is a very popular sport indeed in other places of the world as well. With that popularity comes the opportunity of winning big money through betting.

Betting on live soccer and keeping tracks of the live scores is definitely more exciting compared to simply watching the game. In just spectating the game, all you stake is your devotion and trust in your favorite team. But when you put money on the line, the story is completely different.

You have much more to lose as you are more invested in it. Live soccer betting is almost as big of an industry as the game itself and there are many sportsbooks and online betting sites which are capitalizing on the situation and enabling enthusiast gamblers way to see patterns. Like in a current game or event and try to take advantage of their own or researched knowledge, in order to try to make a successful bet.

Things You Need to Know

The market for live sports betting is quite huge indeed. The market is estimated to be between $700 billion to $1 trillion. Betting on soccer has been 70% of that trade. Judging by the figures, it is no secret that people are really passionate about betting on soccer. When it comes to gambling, there’s no 100% guarantee – winning and losing come hand in hand. But there is a much larger chance of winning in live soccer bets. There are a couple reasons for why this is the case.

The first and most simple one is, of course, you can see how the match is progressing right in front of your eyes and make “on spot” decisions with that information. You are generally much more well informed about the situation, the odds and the probable winning team as all the actions are happening right there. You can switch up your tactics or change certain things to increase your chances of scoring a win with your stake as the match progresses.

In addition to that, live soccer betting also introduces many different betting options. For example, instead of just betting on which team will win, you can also bet on which team will score the next goal, or which team will win by how many more goals than the other. These are all extra ways to earn money. Therefore, betting in live soccer could add up to a big sum indeed.

The betting phenomenon of live soccer betting started 90 years ago and it did not stop. Today millions of people watch the game and also bet on them hoping to earn great cash rewards and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. The exhilarating experience of betting and watching all the events unfold right in front of your eyes can be something indescribable. Coupled with the euphoric feeling you get when you actually do win a bet makes the whole experience a treat to behold. However, live soccer betting is not just about making your best guess and keeping an eye on the live score counter, NO! There is also a strategy for it.

The betting game during live matching is exhilarating for one very special reason – the match is ongoing as you are betting and the odds can change any minute. Betting while the game is going on live is known as in-play betting. This feature has been growing in popularity for the last couple of years. The rise in popularity caused all online bookmakers to offer this feature.

KYIV, UKRAINE - MAY 26 - Virgil Van Dijk in action during the UEFA Champions League final match between Real Madrid vs Liverpool FC , at the NSC Olimpiyskiy stadium in Kiev, on 26 May 2018 BANNER

Virgil Van Dijk in action during the UEFA Champions League final match between Real Madrid vs Liverpool FC , at the NSC Olimpiyskiy stadium in Kiev, on 26 May 2018

During in-play betting sometimes the bet will be suspended. This can happen for several reasons. For example, the player getting a red card or a penalty being awarded to one of the teams. This is done because the odds for the game needs to be recalculated keeping the events that have taken place. This aspect of a dynamic and ever-changing scenario is one of the most exciting parts of live soccer betting.

One more thing to keep in mind is that some bookmakers out there also will let you cash out your winnings if they see your bet is sure to win. Instead of waiting for the end whistle, you can have your winnings handed to you before the match ends. When there is talk about live soccer bets, there comes the question of live streaming. Many sportsbooks do offer live streaming services for matches too. Which means you can be watching and keeping an eye on the game from anywhere while you bet using an online betting site.

The scores are updated live where you can see in real time how a team is doing and what are their odds of winning the game are. Live soccer betting is a lot more in-depth and has a number of layers to it which may not be so apparent from the start. But more experienced players can easily pick up on them. These are pretty straightforward and not difficult to learn however, it does require just a little bit of patience on your end.

Live Soccer Betting Tips

No one ever goes in blindly and bets on their favorite team and sits back hoping to win millions. That would be very careless. There are complex computer algorithms made to calculate the odds of events happening and the probability of how a team will perform and bettors rely on these to make bets. Here are some tips for you that will give you a better chance of winning on your next bet. The fundamentals are still the same, bettors must bet on what is more likely and has the most odds. This way you reduce your risk of losing by quite a significant margin. Although riskier bets do generally have bigger payouts.

Study the algorithm

It is important to keep a track of goals and have an in-depth idea of possible likely goals. As how many goals are made in a match do affect how the rest of the game will be played sometimes. No matter how complex an algorithm is being used, the game is still played by humans who have their own way of playing. An algorithm can imply that a player or a team might be playing badly but when push comes to shove, that team or the player might start playing quite well for a variable number of possible reasons. As a bettor, it is also your job to look out for these. Although you should pay attention to the market trends and all the odds calculated by algorithms, you should not also blindly rely on them. Estimations might not always be accurate compared to actual outcomes and it is necessary for keeping an eye out for that.

What kind of statistics to keep in mind?

A bettor in the case of live soccer matches has access to a lot of information about the game. Things like data on who has the most possessions of the ball, who made more shots that were close on target, live score counts of course along with many other things are at a bettor’s disposal at all times. These statistics give bettors a good insight on how the game might play out till the end and a good and an experienced bettor will definitely use this information to make a well-educated bet that has the highest chance of winning.

Turin Italy. 02 February 2019. Campionato Italiano di SerieA Juventus vs Parma 3 3. Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus celebrating the goal. BANNER

Campionato Italiano di SerieA, Juventus vs Parma 3-3. Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus, celebrating the goal.

Follow the match first-hand

You should also note, however, that you should analyze the match yourself too and again not blindly rely on the statistic. Since the game is live the game is being played out in front you and using subjective analysis combined with the numbers can really help you make an informed bet.

Types of Bets You Can Make in Live Soccer

There are a number of bets you can make in live soccer. Let’s start off with the most obvious one.

Match Outcome

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The bet is made on who will win the match at the end. The match outcome bet is also referred to as 1X2. Where 1 refers to the home team winning, the X refers to a draw and finally, 2 refers to a win for the away team.


The Totals bet is also another simple bet. The bet here is made on whether the total goals in the match will be above or below a specific number that the sportsbook sets. The bet is also called Over/Under. You can make different type of bets in this category too. For example, the bet can be on the total number of goals made by both teams or just one. Also, total goals on just the first half of the game or the second half of the game.


A handicap is a number that is set by the bookmaker to counter the differences in abilities of the opponents that is perceived by the people.  This is done to present more balanced odds when two teams are playing against each other. This is done by applying a goal handicap, either a positive or a negative handicap to each side. There are three types of handicaps in total. The first type is the level handicap where there are no perceived differences in the ability of the two teams that are playing and no handicap is required.

VILLARREAL SPAIN JANUARY 8 Leo Messi during La Liga soccer match between Villarreal CF and FC Barcelona at Estadio de la Ceramica on January 8 2016 in Villarreal Spain BANNER

Leo Messi during La Liga soccer match between Villarreal CF and FC Barcelona at Estadio de la Ceramica on January 8, 2016 in Villarreal, Spain

This type of handicaps is useful when the game ends on a draw. The money is returned. The second type of handicap is the single handicap. When there is a perceived difference between the teams an appropriate handicap will be given to the better team. For example, team X and team Y is facing off each other and team X is perceived to be the better team.

They will receive a -1 goal handicap. If you place a bet on team X, they have to win by more than one goal to cover for their handicap otherwise it will be counted as a draw with the handicap applied. The third and final type of handicap is the split handicap. Where the difference in perceived skills is low. You can split your difference over two handicaps.  There are also other types of bets that you can make which are not mentioned here. The market for live soccer bets is quite big and many more types can be found.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Live soccer betting can be a ton of fun. Keeping an eye on those live scores and seeing that all the scores are going in your favor can be a treat. But there are some things that you should keep in mind before you take a full dive in live soccer betting.

In-Play is not perfect!

As fun as in-play betting can be, this is not a perfect system. Sometimes the prices fluctuate quite a lot and also bets may appear and disappear too without a warning. But the fun and potential rewards there are to be won compensate for that.


As we have mentioned here before that when making a bet you should not always rely completely on the numbers and data. Well, the scoreboards or the information displayed during the matched could also have some slight error or may not be updated in the exact time a change has occurred. So, it is best to keep an eye for these changes yourself.

East Rutherford NJ July 26 2019 Joao Felix 7 of Atletico Madrid controls ball game against Real Madrid as part of ICC tournament at Metlife stadium Atletico won 7 3 BANNERProcessing Delays

One of the problems a bettor might face while betting on live soccer is a delay in processing your bet online. There could be up to a 10-second delay on your bets which can be caused for the number of reasons, such as the venue or even your internet connection.

Delayed Broadcast

Be careful of sites claiming to ‘live broadcast’ matches. Sometimes these broadcasts could be actually delayed by a couple of seconds. Be careful and chose the places you bet on carefully.


Live soccer betting is surely one of the most fun and exhilarating ways to bet online. The market is huge and there are lots of money to be won. The knowledge you need to get started is not that overwhelming either! From all the different types of bets you can make, and coupling your judgment based on the numbers and odds that is shown, landing a win can be one of the greatest feelings out there. It is clear that live soccer betting is here to stay and will only grow more popular.

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