Best Cricket Betting Sites 2021

Cricket PlayerCricket has long been known as the national sport of India, while more and more fans are now betting on their favourite teams and players on betting sites too.

Whether it be a Test match between India and Australia, action from the IPL or a County Championship match in England, a number of bookmakers now offer a range of cricket betting markets, offering a hugely exciting form of sports wagering.

However, finding the best website to cater for your cricket betting needs is not always easy, with a large number of platforms competing for customers in this area. Our experts have put together the following details for those looking for a new betting site, including what punters should be on the lookout for.

With a plethora of cricket betting sites available online, it is a daunting task to choose the one which is secure, user-friendly and fast.

To help you choose the best online cricket betting site, we at compared different operator websites in the country and evaluated each one of them through certain parameters.

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Best Cricket Betting Sites

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  • Website available in Hindi
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  • Huge number of sports markets
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Welcome bonus for 1st deposit ₹8.000
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  • Hindi website & accepts Indian Rupees
  • Huge number of sports markets
  • Great Welcome Bonus & other offers
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  • Live streaming available
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  • Live streaming available
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Which sportsbook is the best for Cricket betting?

Check our ranking list of Best Cricket Betting Sites in India.

How is the Best Betting Site for Cricket compared? compares the best cricket betting sites in India by considering the following 11 different parameters:


Cricket betting is much more than just predicting the outcome of a match, as there are other markets involved too. With the inception of T20 cricket, new propositions such as most sixes, most fours, and most run-outs in a match have become extremely popular among the punters.

At, we only shortlist the operators that provide you the maximum number of options to bet on.


Odds are an important parameter of cricket betting which determines the favorite team to win a match or tournament.

It is quintessential for us to check which cricket betting site is offering you the best returns on your bets. Higher the odds, the higher will be your profit.


With the competition among the different cricket betting sites getting tougher, bookmakers need to have an advantage over their competitors. Betting discounts, bonuses and offers are such ways to entice potential customers towards using a service.

Even though betting bonuses can’t guarantee successful bets, they can be surely utilized to earn significant earnings. At, we provide you the list of operators that can give maximum sign-in bonuses and other rewards.

Live Betting

Cricket is a game full of uncertainties and you can’t accurately predict what can happen in the next ball or the next over. The dynamic nature of the game becomes much more exciting when you have to make predictions on the live match events.

Top cricket betting sites provide the in-play betting feature to bet on the next wicket score, total number sixes or fours to be scored by a batsman, total runs in the death overs, and more.


The majority of online users access betting websites through their smartphones. Mobile phones also provide an advantage to check betting information or to make actual bets, on-the-go.

That’s why cricket betting sites need to be responsive and be easily accessed on a mobile device without incurring too much loading time.


Cricket betting websites must use the latest security standards to ensure a safe and reliable betting environment for the customers. Techniques such as multipoint authentication, 256-bit encryption, and virtualization are used to safeguard the personal as well as financial data of the users.

At, we only provide the list of operators that are safe, secure, and fast.


Customer Service

Good customer support always comes in handy when you want a loyal customer base. The Best cricket betting sites allow their customers to connect through multiple communication channels including telephone, email and live chat to resolve any issues.


Usability involves optimum designing to ensure users can easily find the markets and matches they want to bet on.

Usually, cricket betting sites contain an enormous volume of data, and it can seem overwhelming if every detail and parameter is shown in a single window. It becomes important for a website to declutter and reorganize to ensure sufficient content breathing space.


A cricket betting site needs a user-friendly interface so that the users can find it fit for purpose, and engaging.

Additionally, the webpage must be designed in such a way that it can be readily accessed irrespective of the platform or device used to access it.

Payment Methods

Cricket betting sites need to provide all the most commonly used banking options available to the customers. Additionally, all transactions should be processed quickly without incurring any charges.

BETWINNER Paymethods Deposit Withdrawal E Wallet Crypto cards bank Sports Betting Sportsbook

BetWinner offers different Paymethods to Deposit & Withdrawal through E-Wallet, Crypto currencies, cards, bank for Sports Betting Sportsbook

Going by the dynamic nature of cricket as a game, customers must have an efficient deposit and withdrawal system so that they can get the best betting experience.

VIP Program

Various cricket betting sites have introduced different types of VIP programs to reward their regular customers. These rewards are in the form of free bets, price discounts, and bonus on winnings. The main aim of such programs is to deliver a quality betting experience to the customers.

Betting on Cricket

Best cricket betting sites cover different types of propositions to allow punters to bet on cricket matches in different ways. It includes betting on all 3 forms of cricket i.e. Tests, ODIs, and T20s played around the globe.

Cricket Betting Odds at Royal Panda 1

Cricket Betting Odds at Royal Panda

Best online cricket betting sites allow the following 5 ways to bet on a cricket match:


Pre-match betting involves betting on a particular cricket match before it is played. This involves consideration of bettings odds to predict which team will win the match. As the odds are obtained several days before a particular match, pre-match betting odds are not affected by any last-minute team changes.


In short-term betting, bets are made for events of a single game of cricket. It includes runs scored in the 1st over, 1st wicket method (LBW, bowled, run-out, and caught), number of fifties or hundreds scored in first innings, and number of fifties and hundreds scored in the match.


Long-term betting involves the outcome of a few matches or an entire tournament. Punters can place bets for tournaments such as IPL, World Cup, and Big Bash League and predict which team will make it to the semi-finals, finals, and eventually win the trophy.

Individual Player Betting

Individual player betting involves betting on a single player’s performance in a particular match. The most common examples include betting on Virat Kohli to score a hundred, or Mitchel Stark to take a wicket in the first over.

Live Betting

Many online cricket betting sites provide the ability to bet on live incidents in a match. Live betting involves predicting what would happen on the next delivery or how many fours and sixes would be scored in a particular over of a match. As cricket is a dynamic game, live cricket betting involves a certain bit of luck along with the skill to successfully make a winning bet.

Criteria to Look Out for When Selecting a Cricket Betting Site

There are a number of factors that separate the best betting sites from the rest, with all of the bookmakers discussed on our platform being nothing but trustworthy, secure and generous.

Perhaps the most important thing to ensure when registering with a new bookmaker is that they are 100% trustworthy and reliable, which means that all transactions processed on their site are secure. Whether it be an SSL encryption or other security measures, betting sites must work hard in order to ensure that they keep customers satisfied in this area. The best bookmakers will also hold a valid license from a respected authority, with this being a good indication as to their reliability also.

Virat Kohli 1

Indian Superstar Virat Kohli / Stockfoto-Nummer: 1138495193 / Mitch Gunn

Meanwhile, those who enjoy betting on cricket matches should also look out for whether a potential bookmaker offers any bonuses or promotions, whether it be for either new or existing customers. A large proportion of sites will now offer new customers some sort of incentive to register, whether it be a matched deposit of free bet, however be sure to check whether they are available to Indian users. As well as this, be sure to research the wagering requirements surrounding such offers, as this will also effect your ability to ultimately withdraw funds.

The number of cricket betting markets in which a bookmaker offers will also effect both your enjoyment and strategy, with the best sites in this area covering events from around the world, including Test, ODI and T20 matches. Major bookmakers should offer the opportunity to bet on the Indian Premier League, Ashes Series, World Cup and County Championship matches from England, among others, while they should also offer a range of bet types. Such bets include leading wicket taker, highest run scorer, method of dismissal and totals.

Cricket world cup teams

Cricket world cup teams

Finally, the odds provided to customers by a sportsbook will ultimately effect how much customers earn from placing winning bets., meaning that this is more important in the long-run than promotions and bonuses. Check out our odds comparison page for full details in this area, however it is clear that some bookmakers perform better than others when it comes to cricket. On a similar note, be sure to find out that there is a method of banking that suits your needs when wagering online, whether it be a major credit card or an increasingly popular e-wallet. In general, the better the betting site, the more banking options will be available to punters, however this is not always the case.

All About Cricket Betting

Cricket dates back as far as the 16th century in England, with the sport being one of the oldest team games still in existence today. Cricket has changed significantly over the years, with many different transformations having made it increasingly popular with the public in regions across the globe. Cricket is a sport that has always gone hand in hand with betting too, with teams including India, Australia and England being commonly backed by gamblers.

Major Cricket Tournaments:

This is a list of the most popular cricket competitions for Indian Players:

There are many important tournaments, series and games at both international and domestic level that provide year-round opportunity for gambling. The global nature of the game and it’s unusual history means that there are fixtures somewhere in the world on almost every day of the year. For example, historically Test Matches in the southern hemisphere start on both 26th December and New Year’s Day in Australia and South Africa.

Indias Suresh Raina

Indias Suresh Raina at the T20 / 298775798 / Shutterstock / Mitch Gunn

The five day format of Test cricket is loved by purists and can be both very exciting and full of drama, while sessions can also drag and be slow to follow. The ebb and flow of the game can provide lots of entertainment. The main Test Series are contested over multiple five game fixtures between nations. The biggest of these series is The Ashes, played between England and Australia. The long distances between the countries meant that it might take up to three months to travel by sea. For this reason, international teams do not just play one fixture as happens in football, they visit a country on a tour that will last for up to three months and will include multiple Test matches, ODIs and T20 games.

In Test cricket, the home team usually enjoys a substantial advantage and many more games and series are won by the home team. Betting odds usually reflect this expectation. However, the results of limited overs games are much less predictable. While the best team ought to win, that is not always the case and there are many interesting betting opportunities that arise in the market during a fixture.

The shorter forms of the game – One Day Internationals (ODIs) or limited over games that last for 50 overs per innings, and twenty over games known as T20 or Twenty20 – provide many gambling options. Twenty20 was designed to be a very exciting form of the game with all play and a result in one day to attract big crowds and TV audiences – and it worked! Those big TV audiences provide lots of advertising revenue which means that the best players make big money signings to play. There are now domestic tournaments featuring many of the biggest names in the sport each year. The main T20 tournaments are the IPL in India and the Big Bash in Australia. If you want exciting cricket bets, these are the place to start!

What You Need to Know About Cricket Betting

When betting on cricket, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration before backing your favourite team and players. Such factors include:

Live betting

With more and more bookmakers offering live betting opportunities when it comes to cricket, customers should familiarise themselves with how this form of betting works. In-play markets require quick decisions to be made, with odds changing in accordance with events on the field, whether it be a wicket falling or a batsmen reaching a century.

Cricket Live at bet365 1

Cricket Live at bet365

Bet Types

It is possible to gamble on many aspects of play during a game. For example, normal win bets on the overall outcome are the norm. There are four possible results in cricket – win for either side, draw and a tie. It is also possible to bet on the scores in an innings, the next batsman wicket to fall, the bowler to take the next wicket, the number of sixes in an innings and on and on. Spread bets also enable range bets such as the number of wides or no balls in an innings, game or series. The sport is a dream for data fanatics, enabling a very wide range of statistics and analysis, which always leads to gambling.

Game format

The format of the match is likely to have an impact upon the cricket result, with certain teams being better when it comes to a Test match, rather than a T20 encounter. As a result, be sure to understand which cricket teams are better in which formats.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions can significant effect a cricket match, not only whether the players are actually able to take to the field or not. Batsmen often struggle when conditions are overcast due to bowlers being able to achieve enhanced swing, while runs are expected on a flat wicket on a sunny day.

FAQ: Cricket Betting Sites 2021

Are the betting sites which mentions, the best for Cricket betting?

Yes, all the cricket betting websites mentioned by are carefully selected to provide you the best cricket betting experience.

Can I sign up for one of your Cricket operators and still use it for betting on other sports?

Yes, you can use the account starting from the day you sign-up. Furthermore, you can use the same account to bet on other sporting events covered by the sportsbook.

Can I only sign up for one of your top operators for Cricket?

There are no restrictions, you can sign-up for any number of operators and deposit any amount of money without an issue.

When getting a signup bonus, is there anything I should be aware of (in terms of the Terms and Conditions)?

It is important to read the terms and conditions of online cricket betting sites to exactly know the ways you can use your bonus rewards. Check for any restrictions on withdrawing your winnings before you sign-up for a new account.

Are betting sites legal in India?

There is still some ambiguity when it comes to this question, with different states in India being able to apply their own rules. However, the simple answer is that punters based in India are able to take advantage of bookmakers that are based outside of the country.

Which app is best for cricket betting?

Today, a whole host of mobile apps cater for fans of cricket betting, meaning that punters can back their favourite teams and players when on the move. Be sure to check out our bookmaker reviews for more information in this area.

Is bet365 legal in India 2020?

Yes, Bet365 is 100% legal in India, due to the fact that the bookmaker is not located on Indian soil. As a result, those based in India are able to take full advantage of the markets and features in which Bet365 has to offer.

How do I make a deposit for online betting in India?

There are a number of ways in which punters in India can deposit funds on betting sites, including credit/debit cards, ewallets and bank transfers. Be sure to check out the accepted payment methods available at a potential bookmaker before registering, taking into account speed and any potential fees.

Which Betting Sites accepts Indian Rupees?

The number of betting sites accepting Indian Rupees as a currency has increased significantly, including 22Bet, 1XBet and Royal Panda.

How do I bet on sites that don’t accept Rupees?

For times when bookmakers do not accept Rupees, another currency must be chosen, with punters having to take into account conversion rates as a result, whether it be American Dollars or British Pounds.

Can I register with more than one betting site?

Yes! In fact, it is well worth registering with more than one bookmaker, whether it be to take advantage of their welcome bonus or competitive odds. So, provided that you can find a number of sites in which you trust and offer a range of cricket markets, go ahead and sign-up.

Which is the best cricket betting site for customers in india?

It is difficult to state just one bookmaker when looking at the best platforms for cricket betting, with our reviews having demonstrated that different sites perform better in different areas. So, be sure to register on a site which scores highly in the areas in which you are interested in, whether it be promotions, live betting or customer support.

Sum up the article

The article provides detailed information on the parameters used by to evaluate the best cricket betting sites in India. These parameters include markets, odds, design, usability, VIP programs, and payment methods offered by the different cricket betting sites.

Besides, some important FAQs searched by the users related to cricket betting are also provided.

How to know which is the Best BONUS in India?

If you want to know more about our test to know which a re the BEST BETTING BONUS, click to access our Indian Bonuses review page.