What Are The Best Baseball Betting Sites?

Baseball has quickly become a hugely popular sport when it comes to betting sites, with more and more bookmakers catering for fans in India. As a result, finding the best site to suit your needs is becoming an increasingly difficult process, with this page designed to help you along the way. Let’s start by taking a look at the how our experts review betting sites, including the criteria to look out for when selecting a new bookmaker.

How We Evaluate Baseball Betting Sites

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There are now a large number of betting sites that cater for fans of baseball, whether it be action from the MLB stateside or the increasingly popular Nippon Professional Baseball league in Japan. The betting sites discussed on our site have all been reviewed in detail, while they are all available to customers based in India. Elsewhere, factors such as promotions, odds, payment methods and customer support are all taken into consideration, along with the usability of platforms, depth of markets and the reliability of bookmakers.

Criteria to Look Out for When Selecting a Baseball Betting Site

  • Available to customers in India
  • Very Good Customer Support
  • Excellent mobile platforms
  • Generous welcome offer
  • Live betting available
  • Competitive odds
  • Depth of baseball markets


The number of markets offered by a bookmaker will give a clear indication as to their performance across the board, as well as how they cater for fans of baseball. When it comes to baseball, the best betting sites will have markets based on pitchers and batters, while they will also have a range of options when it comes to sports including soccer, tennis and basketball.

Bet types

The best betting sites will also offer a range of bet types when it comes to baseball, including money lines, over/under and spreads. Meanwhile, in-play and future bets are also required by a number of customers today.


Odds can generally be displayed in three different ways, including decimal, fractional and American. As a result, the best bookmakers will allow customers to choose between these different formats.

All About Baseball

Baseball has a long history, with Major League Baseball having been around since back in 1903. Nowadays, there are over 160 games played per season, with the competition being made up of 30 teams in three different regional divisions, including East, West and Central. Five teams will qualify for the next stage of the competition, who are known as pennant winners, with just one going on to be crowned as the winner of the World Series.

What You Need to Know About Betting on Baseball

A large number of baseball bets revolve around starting pitchers, with listed pitcher and list one pitcher being two of the standout markets which are on offer with a variety of bookmakers. Elsewhere, the usual bet types including money lines, run line and totals are also available surrounding the majority of baseball games. As a result, it is well worth taking on board the following tips when backing your favourite teams and players, with our experts helping customers to maximise their winnings and minimise losses.


  1. Keep track of the latest developments in the baseball universe. They will let you know which players or teams are in the best forms. This, in turn, will help to predict the outcome of the subsequent MLB matches. The previous records of MLB tournaments can also help in this matter.
  2. Betting on underdogs can often get you more money than betting on the favorites in MLB games. For this to work successfully, you need to pick the right underdogs in the right match. The previous tip can come in handy for this scenario since you will know which player or team is about to win an upset match.
  3. Observe which player or team is the most prone to fatigue. If an MLB team has too many games lined up, it is imminent that they will fail to overcome the tiredness and give their best shot in the new match. Of course, there is no guarantee for such bets. But statistics agree with this fatigue angle and you have a higher chance of winning these bets.
  4. Betting against the public may seem like a risky decision, but it has worked in favor of many bettors. Baseball is a pretty unpredictable game anyway. So the fortune often favors the brave and an unpopular estimation wins on the bets!
  5. Those of you who have done this for a long time will know how to spot a sharp action. You can depend on RLM or Reverse Line Movement for such actions. This happens when the betting line and the betting percentages go in opposite directions.

Baseball Betting FAQ’s

How popular is betting on baseball?

Baseball may be one of the biggest sports in the US, however it is certainly increasing in popularity in other areas too, including for customers in India. The MLB helps to attract punters from around the world, while a small number of leagues from other areas are also increasing in stature.

Is live betting and live streaming available when it comes to baseball?

A number of bookmakers now offer live betting markets surrounding baseball games, while some games are even available to watch through live streaming features. Live betting, or in-play as is it also known, enables customers to bet on games as they are played out, while the ability to watch the action as it unfolds making the process all the more exciting.

How do odds work for baseball betting?

Baseball odds work as money lines in general, with a number being assigned to the teams and players involved. There is normally a favourite and an underdog, with punters having to back the team that they think will win, based on their form and player availability, among other factors.

What happens if a scheduled match does not take place?

This will differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, however in the event of a baseball game not taking place, bets will become void. However, if that game is rescheduled, then bets can be delayed until this point.

How do I know if a betting site is reliable?

The best betting sites ensure that all transactions on their platforms are processed securely, with a number of safety measures being available to bookmakers operating online.

Our Recommended Baseball Betting Sites


They have a large selection of baseball odds, with major leagues like NPB, KBO, and MLB on offer. The bets available at Betway are run lines, money lines, outrights, total runs, multiples, as well as some player specials. The site also has in-play options.