5 Cricket Betting Tips To Help You Win More Often

With cricket being the national sport in India, it comes as little surprise that an increasing number of people are placing bets on their favourite teams and players. Test, ODI and T20 matches regularly feature on betting sites, attracting huge interest from punters. Whether you are a long-standing cricket fan or new to the sport, it is important to take on board tips when it comes to betting in this area. Our experts are hugely knowledgeable when it comes to cricket from across the globe, whether it be a Test match between India and Australia or a T20 clash from the recently formed Caribbean Premier League. While there is no such thing as a “sure thing” when it comes to placing cricket bets online, there are certainly some steps that can be taken in order to maximise your chances. Having a good knowledge of the sport is certain to help you along the way, however the following are among the other requirements to have when betting on cricket on a regular basis.

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1. Look at the Conditions

No matter which format of the game it is that you are considering betting on, it is hugely important to look at the conditions in which it is being played under, both in terms of the weather and the wicket. While this is likely to depend on the location of the game, it is worth noting which teams perform better in certain conditions, with England being known for favouring a wicket where the ball swings for bowlers, while some other teams will prefer a flat wicket in sunny weather. So, keep an eye on the weather forecast during the time in which a cricket match and the live play you are following is set to take place.

2. Available Players

Check out the starting line-ups of the teams involved, with an outfit who is missing one of their leading batsmen or star bowlers being less likely to win as a result. Meanwhile, teams will often wish to name consistent starting line-ups, with changes generally meaning that players are either injured or out of form. This is hugely important as a result, so leave bets as late as possible, waiting until teams have announced which players will be taking to the field.

3. The Toss

The coin toss determines which team will choose between either batting or bowling first, which can often have a significant impact upon the result. The two team captains will meet on the field before a game, with the individual who wins the coin toss selecting their preferred option for their team. Many teams will look to take advantage of the conditions at the start of a match, whether they suit batsmen or bowlers.

4. Check Out the Statistics

There are a huge number of platforms out there offering useful statistics surrounding cricket teams and players, which can be hugely beneficial for punters. Whether it be the head-to-head record between two sides, the batting average of a particular player or the recent form of a team, such details are likely to effect the result of an upcoming match.

5. Compare Odds & Markets

Whilst Test and One-Day matches tend to dominate the cricket betting scene, it is well worth shopping around when it comes to both markets and odds. Different bookmakers will cater for fans in different ways when it comes to cricket, with those who are registered on different betting sites being able to take advantage of their offerings. As well as this, our odds comparison page is on hand for customers to check out the best prices available to those in India.

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