NBA Betting Sites

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is undoubtedly one of the most popular competitions in the world of sport, attracting a global audience. While games only take place in the US and Canada, customers from across the globe are able to bet on games, including those in India.

The range of markets and features available when it comes to the NBA differ significantly between bookmakers, meaning that it is important to find a platform that best suits your needs. So, just what makes a good NBA betting site? This page will take a detailed look at this question, in terms of the criteria that helps to separate the best from the rest.

Finding the Best NBA Betting Sites

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Due to the nature of basketball, betting on the NBA is one of the most exciting forms of sports wagering, with those who do it well being able to earn some significant earnings. NBA odds will regularly change due to the unpredictable nature of games, meaning that it is important for customers to know which are the best betting sites for odds, markets and additional features. The NBA betting sites in which we discuss have not been chosen at random, with strict criteria having been used by our experts.

How We Evaluate Sites

The following factors have been taken into consideration when putting forward our preferred betting sites when it comes to the NBA:

Security & Reliability

When betting online, it is hugely important to operate on a platform that is trustworthy and 100% safe. The betting industry is no different to any other in terms of there being scammers looking to exploit any lapses in security, meaning that customers must feel confident that all transactions are processed safely at all times. Meanwhile, with personal information such as your email address, date of birth and name being stored by bookmakers, the best betting sites put a number of measures in place to ensure that such details remain safe.

Variety of Markets

Whilst beginners to NBA betting will perhaps want to focus upon simplistic markets, it is always nice to know that you have a range of options when it comes to markets. A number of bookmakers will only offer bets on the winner of NBA games, however the best sites will offer markets such as over/under points, outright championship winner, highest points scorer and winner of individual quarters.

Bonuses & Promotions

Promotions are offered by bookmakers in order to both attract new customers and maintain the satisfaction levels of existing ones. As a result, the best betting sites will provide punters with generous bonuses, which helps to both maximise winnings and minimise losses. A small number of betting sites will offer specific promotions surrounding the NBA, which are well worth taking advantage of.

Interface & Design

The ability to easily move between markets and pages also separate the best betting sites from others, meaning that the design becomes hugely important. It is easy for bookmakers to try to cram too much information in on one page, which can quickly make their website frustrating and difficult to use. As a result, the best NBA betting sites are the most simplistic, allowing customers to quickly locate their favourite markets and features.

Live Betting

When it comes to the NBA, live betting has grown hugely in popularity over recent times. The ability to bet on games as they play out is very exciting, allowing basketball fans to take advantage of ever-changing odds. Whether it be backing the Chicago Bulls to come back from a losing position after the first quarter to win or betting on the Orlando Magic to win the final quarter, the best betting sites will offer a range of options when it comes to live betting.

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Criteria to Look for When Selecting an NBA Betting Site


As well as standard NBA betting markets, the best bookmaker websites will offer additional bet types, which include the following:

Alternative Game Totals

Some bookmakers will offer different lines in this area, however this bet type is basically the same as total betting options. For example, when a high-scoring game is predicted, punters can find better odds worth over 200 points.

Double Result

Double rest is betting on which team will be winning at half time, as well as again at fulltime. Taking advantage of this market is an effective method of increasing the odds, especially when it comes to games in which there is a clear favourite. For bets to win, punters must make correct predictions for both halves of the game.

Winning Margin

Betting on the margin of victory for a certain team is another popular method of betting on the NBA, whether it be between 1-2 points or 21+. While this is a risky form of wagering, the potential rewards are great.

Bet Types

The most common type of NBA bets are found below:

Spread Bets

Spread bets are the most common form of bet when it comes to the NBA, which is based on how a specific team will perform during a game. As a result, customers are betting on which team will perform better than expected, making it a simple bet to understand.

Moneyline Bets

Also easy to understand, moneyline bets are simply when a punter backs a particular team to win a game. This means that if customers back the winning team, then their bet also wins.

Over and Under Bets

Another option that is available with the majority of bookmakers is over/under bets, which is where customers bet on the total amount of points scored in a game. This type of bet is a good option for those with a good knowledge of the NBA.

Proposition Bets

For those looking for something a little different, proposition bets are potentially perfect. Customers will decide upon what they wish to bet on and when it will happen. For example, backing a particular player to score a certain number of 3-pointers during a game.


For those looking to place regular bets on the NBA, it is hugely important to consider the odds in which different betting sites are offering. Odds will ultimately determine the potential winnings that are available, with some bookmakers delivering better in this area than others. Odds are also displayed in different formats, which include the following:

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are the most commonly used odds across the world, with a hyphen used between the two numbers, whether it be 2/1 or 11/8. Taking the first option as an example, this means that for every $1 wagered, customers will win $2 in return.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are mainly used in Europe, with two different numbers being found in front of the opposing teams. For example, the New York Knicks will be offered odds of 1.50 against the Chicago Bulls, who are available to back at 2.50.

American Odds

American odds are different from the others, with opposing teams having a positive or negative sign in front of them, depending on whether they are the favourite or underdog. The favourites will have the -, while the Underdogs will have the +. For example, Team A will have +250, while team B will have -100. This effectively means that you will win $250 when placing a $100 bet. Meanwhile, as team B is the favourite, it means customers must place a bet of $100 in order to make a profit of $100.

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What You Need to Know About Betting on Basketball

Before you place a bet on the NBA, it is important to consider what factors can influence the eventual result of games. The following factors are perhaps the most important to think about before wagering on your preferred teams:


Whether they occur before or during a game, injuries can play a significant role in determining the ultimate winner of an NBA game. Some teams have good options on their roster, while others do not have good strength in depth.


The form of a team will also play a major role in their success, with confidence being key in the NBA. So, be sure to do your research in this area beforehand.

Other Situations

Factors such as tiredness, motivation and head-to-head records can also have an impact upon results in the NBA, with those who are fighting for a place in the playoffs potentially likely to want to win more against a team who have little to play for.

NBA Betting Tips

When looking for a new NBA betting site, it is well worth taking into consideration that following tips, which have been put together by our experts.

  • Find a good betting site.
  • Follow the regular games.
  • Learn about betting types and odds.
  • Don’t go overboard with your budget.
  • Have fun.

NBA Betting FAQ’s

Is betting on the NBA profitable?

Of course. Although it does not come easy, those who do their research and stick to markets that they know have a good chance of beating the bookmakers on a regular basis.

How do I get started with NBA betting?

Sign-up with your preferred bookmaker, before depositing cash and placing your opening NBA Bet.

Do I need to bet big to win?

Not necessarily. NBA betting markets cater well for both beginners and professional bettors. Customers can bet very small amounts on games with the majority of bookmakers.

Is betting on the NBA legal?

Betting on the NBA in India is legal, as long as customers pick a betting site that accepts customers in India too.

What is live betting?

Live betting allows customers to place bets on NBA games as they play out, which has quickly become a hugely popular form of wagering.

Our Recommended NBA Betting Sites


This is a popular brand of companies for all types of casino betting, and they are not behind in terms of NBA betting as well. The 888sport name is a sign of trustworthiness and you can place your bets with ease.


Our Recommended NBA Betting Sites

888SportThis Scandinavian bookmaker accept customers based in India, while their range of basketball markets cater well for fans of the sport too. They also offer a range of appealing features, including cashing out and live betting.

BetRally – NBA games at BetRally come with over 250 different markets, meaning that customers will never bet short of options. The bookmaker’s odds are also very pleasing, allowing for some significant earnings to be made.

BetwayWith a recently updated interface, Betway is looking to challenge the biggest names in the industry, with their range of NBA markets set to attract a significant amount of punters.