Will You Be Successful At Live Cricket Betting?

Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India, with an increasing number of people now also betting on matches, as well as watching them. Along with pre-match markets, many betting sites now offer customers the chance to place live cricket bets, which is a hugely exciting form of wagering. This page will give a detailed look at live cricket betting, which is also referred to as in-play betting on some platforms. 

Cricket / Image by Shutterstock.com

What is Live Cricket Betting?

Live cricket betting is the ability for punters to bet on matches while they are being played out, whether it be after the first ball has been bowled, right up until the final over. For many, live betting is on cricket is now the only way to go, due to its excitement and potential rewards. Gamblers can bet on a team to recover from a slow start to go on to win or the fielding team to claim a match winning wicket before the close of play, with a huge number of markets now being available in this area.

Live betting odds are updated regularly by bookmakers in accordance with what is taking place on the field, whether it be a wicket being taken or a flurry of runs being scored. As a result, punters must be aware at all times when it comes to live betting, with opportunities sometimes only lasting a matter of minutes or even seconds. The majority of betting sites now update their prices in real-time, however be sure to understand that this is the case in order to ensure that you do not miss out on placing any potentially lucrative bets.

As with pre-match markets, there are a range of options when it comes to live betting, meaning that customers must choose a method of betting that suits their strategy. Let’s now take a look at some of the live cricket bets that are available with a large number of bookmakers today.

Types of Live Cricket Bets

The number of bets when it comes to live cricket markets is growing all of the time, however the total amount will differ from bookmaker to bookmaker. All in all, the following live cricket bets are available online:

  • Draw no bet
  • All out
  • Match betting
  • Top overall first inning
  • Top scorecast
  • Leading bastsmen
  • Leading bowler
  • Number of sixes
  • Under/over
  • Next method of dismissal

Live Cricket Betting Tips

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of placing winning bets when it comes to live cricket matches, there are a few tips that are well worth following. Our experts have put together the following tips in order to help you in your journey:

  1. Keep a close eye out for any momentum switch, whether it be a team putting their foot down in terms of run rate or a flurry of wickets being taken in a small number of overs. Teams and players will often use such momentum in order to claim victory.
  2. Try and resist pulling the trigger immediately. Instead, wait for some time in order to see if a market changes in your favour. Often something will pop up that’s +EV. But you’ll only find it if you have patience.
  3. Take advantage of a range of markets, rather than just focusing on the first available option. This is because sometimes you will know more than a bookmaker does, meaning that you are able to utilise some hugely appealing odds, even if they do not necessarily reflect a game truly.
  4. As with any market, be sure to do your research before placing any bets. Are teams known for being slow starters or is a certain player on an excellent run of form? Such factors can have a significant effect upon the eventual result of a cricket match.
  5. Cricket odds change on a regular basis. When they start to change, customers will want to get in on the side where the odds are getting worse for – at the best possible price.
  6. With an increasing number of betting sites now offering the opportunity for customers to watch live cricket matches as they unfold too, be sure to watch the action where possible. Doing so will provide a much clearer understanding of how a match will eventual finish, as well as which markets are worth taking advantage of.