Baseball Betting Guide For Beginners

While baseball may not be one of the first sports in which you associate with Indian fans, the sport is in fact growing significantly in popularity here. Cricket certainly still dominates when it comes to sports involving a bat and ball, however the excitement surrounding baseball has caught the attention of plenty of betting customers, with a large number of games now being available to wager upon online.

The style of games also means that there are a significant number of markets available too, with this guide discussing some of those, along with the best tips on how to beat the bookmakers when it comes to baseball. Let’s start by taking a look at exactly what baseball entails.

What is Baseball?

A standard baseball games comprises of two teams, with nine players on each side. Teams will take it in turns to both bat and field for a total of nine innings, with each containing three outs for both teams. Teams aim to score as many home runs as possible, which is when a player circles the four bases on the field. Baseball has actually been around since the 17th century, having been formally been known as rounders. Baseball is now one of the biggest sports in America, while it is also prominent in Central America, China and Japan.

Baseball Betting Guide

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How to Bet on Baseball?

The main player when it comes to baseball is the starting pitcher, meaning that any betting strategies should be based on this individual. Many bookmakers will offer information on starting players, while there is also a hatful of data online in order for punters to carry out necessary research. In order to quickly see how good a pitcher is, simply look at their earned run average, commonly known as their ERA. This will show how many runs you can realistically expect for the pitcher to concede during a nine-innings match.

Next up, take a look at the batting line-up of the opposing team, with the most important statistic perhaps being their batting averages. Meanwhile, the bullpen also has a significant impact, along with other players who come into the game at a later stage. Having looked at such information, you should now have a good understanding of how a baseball game may play out. As a result, customers will be free to place bets on their preferred teams and players, whilst sticking to their previously set budget.

Baseball Betting: Understanding the Rules

Betting on baseball is likely to be new for many customers based in India, meaning that it is important that punters fully understand the rules associated with this market beforehand. Baseball is now played around the world, however a small number of competitions will be covered by the majority of bookmakers, with a significant number of markets coming from the MLB. Each bookmaker will have different betting rules when it comes to baseball, whether it be wagering on the Boston Red Sox from the MLB or the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks in Japan.

Baseball Betting Markets

Kind of bets

When it comes to betting on baseball, there are generally three types of bet available to customers. These are money line, run line and total. The first involves simply betting on which team will win an individual match, while run line is the same as point spread. Totals is when punters predict the total number of home runs scored during a game.

Money Line

Money line is simple to understand, meaning that it is the most popular betting market for the majority of punters when it comes to baseball. When placing money line bets, it is important to consider the strengths of the teams involved when it comes to both pitching and batting.

Run Line

When betting on run line, customers can look forward to increased value. However, with the increased value comes the need for better baseball knowledge. Run line betting involved giving a handicap to both teams.


Totals surroundings betting on the total score in a game, with customers being able to bet on over or under a certain figure when it comes to the majority of sites. Each team has a total of 27 outs to score as many home runs as possible, meaning that researching a teams’ offensive and defensive records will provide a good indication as to how many runs are likely to be scored.

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Baseball Odds

When it comes to baseball betting markets, most bookmakers will focus upon either decimal or fractional odds. For example, decimal odds can be offering Team A a 1.50 chance of winning against Team B, who are the underdogs at odds of 2.50. When it comes to fractional odds, odds will be displayed as a fraction, whether it be 2/1 or 5/4. The number after the / is the amount required in order to win the opening number.

Baseball Major Events

The majority of major baseball events come from the US and Canada, with some of the standout competitions including the following:

World Series

This is the end of season championship contest in the US major league baseball. This is played in October of each year.

World Baseball Classic

This is an international baseball tournament that took off back in 2006. This is held every 4 years. It’s the first ever major baseball tournament that features professional players from the major leagues around the world, including the MLB.

Premier12 World Championship

This is another major international baseball tournament. This is fairly new compared to the others, as it started only in 2015.

World Series

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Baseball Betting Tips

Whether you are new to the world of baseball betting or consider yourself an experienced pro, it is worth taking on board the following tips:

Avoid the Favourites

Baseball matches from major events such as the MLB often involve a firm favourite and a major underdog, meaning that the odds offered are not so appealing. Payouts for betting on the most successful teams are poor, meaning that a substantial stake is required in order to make such a bet worthwhile.

Take Advantage of the Underdogs

It is often worthwhile betting in favour of the underdogs, as when they lose, you will not lose a significant amount of cash, while when such teams win, the rewards are great.

Bet against the Crowd

The more bets that are placed on a particular market means the worse the odds will become, meaning that it is worth looking further afield in order to go against the crowd. Most recreational punters will go for the favourites, so take advantage of this and go against the average.

Focus on the Divisional Underdogs

The teams within each division play each other 19 times each season, meaning that there is always familiarity and levelling of the playing field. As a result, this inevitably benefits the underdogs.

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

Making your bets with only one bookmaker is likely to be a mistake. This makes the bettors place their bets on whatever number the bookmaker is offering. Instead, you should open multiple accounts across different sportsbooks so that you get to shop for the best line.

Baseball Betting FAQ’s

Q: Is money line betting the best option for placing bets?

A: Well, this depends on your expertise and experience. If you have been in the game for long, then it’s certainly time to level up and venture into more areas, unless you want to keep being a recreational bettor. If you would like to not take things seriously, then you can just keep on betting with money line betting.

Q: Are the online sportsbooks safe?

A: Yes, there are many online sportsbooks which are safe and secure. If you do your research, then you should be able to find one that is secure. But be aware that there are scammers lurking on the internet as well. So always do your research first.

Q: Do I need to place big bets to win?

A: No! If you want to win your bets, you don’t need to place big ones. Placing the minimum allowed bet is good enough to make you win, given you have made the correct guess.